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The START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program, using cellular science, will greatly increase immunity, energy, focus, and propel weight loss in just 7 days with no change to diet or exercise.

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The START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program 2021

On the START Wellness app, you eat all your calories for the day in an 8 hour window (also known as the “eating window”) and then you don’t eat for 16 hours (also known as the “fasting window”). This has profound long-term scientific benefits to your body and mind keeping you in the most optimum state, mentally and physically, on a daily basis to help you achieve your goals and aspirations. On the START water program, you drink a lot of water. Adequate water intake is a vital part of your START Wellness app and rectifies many health adversities. Your dashboard smart analytics show you your progress. We got ya, at every step!

START Wellness is unlike any other intermittent fasting app. It's simple and intuitive. It's personal.

Your START Wellness app is so much more than the standard intermittent fasting app. START plans your entire day; it's A.I. automated, and backed by cellular science that is ever advancing. Once you setup your individualised START Wellness program, the app will do the rest, reminding you what do to, and when. If that wasn't adequate, START even indicates the right window for every activity so you're always in the GREEN.

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Watch this video. You'll want to START. It's an adrenaline rush!

The long-term benefits of the START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program are enormous, some of which are highlighted below. In 7 days, you'll FEEL the change. In 30 days you'll BE the change. All you have to do is START.

On START, we make the science fun. You learn at every step.

Every activity on your START Wellness app is backed up by a fun science video that helps you understand the "why". By understanding the why, you're more likely to try. The science is sound, the results profound! We got you, you got this!

START and end your day with the START Wellness Dynamic Stretch

The scientifically curated START Dynamic Stretch will kick charge your day and give you the best sleep ever. It is designed to be performed within 30 min of waking up and sleeping. It will help open up every muscle of the body from the smallest to the largest and propel blood circulation to help you cognitively and physically perform your best daily.

The video also features an Olympian.


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What People On START Wellness Are Saying

"I work at the Bose Store in Mumbai, I met Shayan when he walked in to buy our wireless earbuds. The man certainly has something that was different from other people I've seen before. My interest peaked, and I checked him out and found out about START. I asked him about it and he asked me if I would be interested in joining its beta Program. It's a revelation that my body can feel do good in just a week. The new START wellness app will definitely be changing a lot of lives including mine."
Revlin Lobo
Revlin Lobo
Bose, Store Manager
"I got on the START Wellness beta program just after the lockdown was announced. It was a huge step for me. I'm down over 25kgs today with all my blood work being normal. I have not exercised one day due to the lockdown. The results speak for themselves. Shayan has helped me a lot. Cellular science is the future."
Kaitlin Thomas
"I START-ed the program having met Shayan because we share a common love for music. I was addicted to smoking. On the START Wellness program I naturally reduced my smoking from 30 cigarettes a day down to 4-5 a day in just a couple of months. I aim to quit now completely. Now that's saying something! I've lost so much weight too. My son says I look fantastic. My entire household does the START dynamic stretch in the morning. It's so good!"
Amanda Ryan
Coach and Mother

In 7 days, you'll FEEL the change.
In 30 days, you'll BE the change.
All you have to do is START.

START Wellness by
Shayan Italia

Shayan Italia is an International global multi-award winning entrepreneur and musician. He is a Zoroastrian Parsi. He lost both his Mum and Dad to Multiple Myeloma (Cancer of the Bone Marrow) and Multiple Sclerosis respectively when he was only a teenager. Since then he promised himself he would never succumb to any disease, always stay healthy, and lead the best possible life of wellness he could. It is from this deep personal loss that START Wellness was born. Shayan drinks up to 7 litres of water a day and looks a decade younger and is in the best shape of his life. He was named “Global Indian Of The Year” for his outstanding contribution to India.

START Wellness app launches 2021. Be informed.

START Wellness

Best Intermittent Fasting & Water App 2021
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Shayan Italia's Blog

Our founder and chief encouraging officer, Shayan Italia has been on the START Wellness program for years, shaping it to what it is today. He's constantly exploring the science.

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Recycle old cells for brand new ones daily on START

Understand how your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program propels autophagy.

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Look years younger with healthier skin on START

Clean up all blemishes, and get glowing youthful looking skin through the START Wellness app.

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Potentially reverse Type 2 Diabetes on START

Greatly improve Type 2 Diabetes and your dependence on medication through the START Wellness app.