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Your START app will greatly increase your immunity, energy, focus and propel weight loss in just 7 days with no change to diet or exercise. To achieve this your START app adopts the cellular science of intermittent fasting coupled with our Water Program. This yields far better results than other fasting apps out there. Yes, START is for the entire family!

Every activity you do on your START app is backed up by a fun science video that helps you understand the "why" and helps you learn. Trust us: the science is sound, the results profound.

START App Program

Your START app is so much more than the standard intermittent fasting app. START plans your entire day; it's A.I. automated, and backed by cellular science that is ever advancing. Once you setup your individualised START program, the app will do the rest, reminding you what do to, and when. You can even export this to your Google or iCal calendars.

Your brain and body are majority water. On the START app Water Program you drink a lot of water. Adequate water intake is a vital part of START and rectifies many health adversities. Once you're on the START app, the benefits you see and feel will show in your dashboard analytics.

START App Water Program
START App Customize Everything

Your START app dashboard is the heart of your app. It integrates with most Apple Health and Google Fit smart devices and keeps track of all your major health points in one place. Unlike other fasting apps, on the START app, through your smart analytics you learn so much about yourself. From heart rate to body fat to water intake, your entire progress on START is captured and displayed in clear precise data.

The START scientifically curated Dynamic Stretch will kick charge your day and give you the best sleep ever. It is designed to open up every muscle of the body and propel blood circulation. Insane!

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You don't have to be great to START. You do have to START to be great. This pic, it's too cute!

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In 7 days you'll FEEL the change. In 30 days you'll BE the change. All you have to do is START!

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START App 30 Day Benefits
START App Founder Shayan Italia Profile Image

Shayan Italia lost both his Mum and Dad to Cancer and Multiple Sclerosis respectively when he was only a teenager. Since then he promised himself he would never succumb to any disease, always stay healthy, and lead the best possible life he could. It is from this deep personal loss and self-drive that START app was born.

With START app, your first 7 days are absolutely free. No credit card taken, no hidden charges, none of those mobile app "scams". Your trial also begins when you START your program, not when you sign in. After that you simply pay a small subscription fee per week through in-app purchases. 100% transparent. 100% secure.

Start App 7 Day Free Trial


Long term benefits of your  START app include:

  Potential reversal of Type 2 Diabetes
  Less reliance on medication
  Increase in cognitive brain function
  Better mental agility and alertness
  Excess fat loss
  Improved stamina and physical agility
✅  Strength increase
✅  Better overall skin tone making you look younger and healthier
✅  Healthier bones
  Detoxification and acidity deduction
✅  Lowering of body Inflammation
  Lowering overall pressure on entire system
✅  Improved joint movements
  Improved deep sleep
  Greatly improving memory
✅  Waking up more refreshed daily 
  Reduction of insulin levels
  Lowering of cholesterol
  Improving life longevity

…and more…

The START app is tailored for normal people and families who lead a very busy lifestyle and don’t have the time to spend an hour at the gym exercising and/or find it very hard to maintain diets. Having said that, START is greatly beneficial for even those who are health conscious and fitness driven, as the app works you at a cellular level.

So even if you exercise frequently or maintain a healthy eating plan, your START app will still greatly benefit you holistically in a number ways; including sky rocketing energy, immunity, reducing stress and making you more focused to achieve your goals and dreams optimally.

Our tailored Intermittent Fasting program coupled with our Water Program will let you FEEL results in just 7 days and let you SEE results in 30 days or less. Your first 7 day trial is absolutely free. No credit card charges. No charges whatsoever. You have nothing to lose. All you have to do is START!

Intermittent fasting is the process of not eating or “fasting” for a longer period of time than the window when you consume food. There are many ways to adopt intermittent fasting as a lifestyle, but the safest one, and the easiest one to adopt would be 16:8, which is to not eat for 16 hours at a stretch and then consume your 3 meals or daily calorie consumption through food and liquids within an 8 hour window.

This has profound scientific effects on the human body providing multiple health benefits including living longer, stronger, and even in many cases can help with the reversal of Type 2 Diabetes. Downloading and getting on your START app, your energy immunity, focus and weight-loss will sky rocket. Your overall well-being will improve and your stress will reduce dramatically.

If you’re still not convinced, Japanese cell biologist Yoshinori Ohsumi won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2016 for his research on how cells recycle and renew their content, a process called autophagy. Your START app activates autophagy, which helps slow down the ageing process and has a positive impact on cell renewal.

The app is backed by robust science. All you have to do is START!

Hell no! It’s way easier than you think. Intermittent Fasting is the fastest growing scientifically proven lifestyle the world over, endorsed by some of the world’s most revered doctors and medicine pioneers. As you don’t eat for 16 hours on START, which has profound scientific benefits to your body, mind and soul, you become a lot more focused allowing you to optimise the hours in the day.

On START you’ll find you have a lot more time to focus on your goals, your dreams, your aspirations. And during the fasting window, you can have water, green tea, black coffee and more…it’s easier than you think. Those who are on START can’t ever imagine going back to how life was before START. Our in-app START stories only prove the same.

Your START app is not some fad diet plan. It is a lifestyle most adopt for years and years, if not all of their life. It becomes who you are.

In 7 days you’ll FEEL the change. In 30 days you’ll BE the change. All you have to do is START!

Your START app is the first-of-its-kind intermittent fasting app that comprises a set of activities created across the entire day that are optimized individually to suit your personal lifestyle. It tells you when to eat, it’s unique Water Program tells you when to drink water and how much (incredibly important), and a whole lot more…It is completely backed by advanced cellular science.

Though you will experience positive change in just 7 days, the true benefits of START come to fruition when you’re on it for at least 30 days. Your START app is customizable, links with most Apple Health and Google Fit smart devices and helps you free up a lot of time allowing you to focus on your life goals and maximize achievement.

Absolutely! Your START app taps into advanced cellular science through intermittent fasting and our unique Water Program that helps your mind, body and soul in a number ways holistically. In just 7 days of being on START, your focus, immunity and energy will increase and you should witness a reduction in your stress levels as well as weight loss. The long-term benefits of being on START over and above 30 days are truly fantastic.

Our DNA is 99.99% the same. Your START app taps into cellular science that guides you how and when to eat and drink. We simplify the scientific jargon and make it very easy for you to understand and learn from. This allows you to lead the best possible life you can (no matter how old you are!). Many on the START app say “once you START you just don’t want to go back”. Yes, scientific evidence suggests you’re more likely to live longer on START.

As with any new lifestyle adoption, prior to STARTing anything new, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor, should you be on any sort of clinical medication or a particular fitness/diet program of your own. 

On START you should FEEL results in a just 7 days. Some experience this within the first 48 hours itself. As human physiology differs from individual to individual we advise you to give it 7 days for you to FEEL real results. Be on your START app for 30 days, you should SEE changes completely for the better. All you have to do is START!

While millions across the world ranging from teenagers to people in their 90’s adopt the lifestyle of intermittent fasting safely, as each individual’s physiology differs from person to person, we recommend the following consult your doctor first before getting on the START app: Pregnant women | Children under the age of 18 | People who have hormonal imbalances | People on heavy medication | Please who suffer from eating and weight disorders | People who have certain health and physical abnormalities.

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