In 7 days, you'll FEEL the change. In 30 days, you'll BE the change. All you have to do is START.
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The START wellness app plans your entire day. It's A.I. automated, and backed by cellular science that is ever advancing.

Without any change to your diet or exercise, the START Wellness app optimizes your entire life leaving you to focus on what matters most - your goals. Everything is automated once setup, and everything is backed by advanced cellular science. We got you. You got this!!!

Watch this video.
You'll want to START!

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The science is sound.
The results profound.

The START Wellness app encompasses the most POWERFUL scientifically proven method to become a FAT burning machine, slow down AGEING and feeling INCREDIBLE 24/7! It greatly REDUCES STRESS tackling DEPRESSION, and scientific evidence even suggests reversal of Type 2 DIABETES. START is not some miracle quick fix. It it's long-term benefits far outweigh its short-term. Our fun animated science videos guide you through every part of the START Wellness program simplifying the complex. It's like going back to school all over again. You're gonna love it!

  • Protect

  • Optimise

  • Energize

START Science.
We make it easy.
We make it fun!


The START Wellness app will tailor YOUR program telling you:

When To Eat

When To Drink Water

Enhance Good habits

Make Bad Habits Redundant

START Wellness App - Water Module
Your brain & body are majority water.

On START you drink a lot of WATER. A lot.

START Wellness app creator Shayan Italia drinks 5-6 litre of water a day and looks a decade younger than he is! Now isn't that a cool reason to get on START, like right now?! He devised the Water Program® which completely gives you a mind and body transformation. You end up losing tons of fat, toning up, feeling stronger, faster and becoming the best possible you overall.

It's time to get S.M.A.R.T.
All you have to do is START.


START is S.M.A.R.T. Customize Everything.​

We've made the START Wellness app entirely customizable. Compatible with the most popular smart watches, smart devices, smart scales, your S.MA.R.T. data are reported back to your dashboard which is analysed by our A.I. and interpreted in fun, easy to understand graphical representations.​ You'll learn a lot about yourself on START. The app is also ever evolving. Some never seen before features are in the pipeline with the "woah!" factor.

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Age is just a number. START is for anyone.

Our DNA is 99.99% the same for everyone. It's the 0.01% that accounts for your individuality and identity. START works you at a cellular level helping you become the best YOU ever. It is for all generations. Entire FAMILIES are on START. Yes, sharing is caring!

Your life changes now. just start.

In 7 days you'll FEEL the change. In 30 days, you'll BE the change!

The START Wellness program is not some miracle quick fix. True, you FEEL the change in a mere 7 days of being on the program, however, START has become the lives of many who have adopted the wellness program. Some of the long term benefits of START include:

✅ Increased cognitive brain function
✅ Better mental agility
✅ Excess fat loss
✅ Lowering of stress
✅ Tackling of depression
✅ Improved stamina
✅ Improved muscle performance
✅ Improved skin
✅ Detoxification
✅ Lowering body inflammation
✅ Improved sleep
✅ Reduction of Insulin levels
✅ Increased lifespan
✅ Lowering of cholesterol

and so much more…

START Wellness App - 30 Day Benefits
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Losing his parents to diseases, he made himself a promise; to never succumb to the same. Thus, he created START Wellness.

Shayan Italia lost both his Mum and Dad to Multiple Myeloma and Multiple Sclerosis respectively when he was only a teenager. Since then he promised himself he would never succumb to the same and lead the best possible life he could. It is from this deep personal loss and self-drive that START was born. A Zoroastrian Parsi, Shayan Italia is a global award-winning entrepreneur and musician who has tirelessly, in the shadows, helped raise enormous sums of money in his parent's memory. He was crowned " Global Indian Of The Year" for his outstanding contribution to India. The START wellness app has an entire section on Shayan: his individualised START program, workouts, diet, hobbies, extra curricular activities and more. Trust us, you'll be inspired!


You don’t have to be great to START. You do have to START to be great.

The only way to predict your future is to CREATE it. Your life changes now. All you have to do is START.

START Wellness App - Baby

You're never too young to learn, never too old to START.

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Be informed when START launches worldwide across the Apple App Store and Google Play Store SOON.



START App FAQs Scaled
The START Wellness app is the first-of-its-kind that comprises a set of activities that are optimized individually to suit your personal lifestyle. It tells you when to eat, when to drink water, and a whole lot more and is backed by advanced cellular science. Though you will experience positive change in just 7 days, the true benefits of the START wellness program come to fruition when you're on it for at least 30 days. The START Wellness app is customizable, links with all your smart devices and helps you free up a lot of time allowing you to focus on your life goals and maximize achievement.
Absolutely! START taps into advanced cellular science that helps you in a number ways holistically. In just 7 days of being on the START program, your focus, immunity and energy will increase and you should witness a reduction in your stress levels. The long-term benefits over and above 30 days are truly fantastic.
Our DNA is 99.99% the same. The START Wellness program taps into cellular science that only tells you how and when to eat and drink. We simplify the scientific jargon and make it very easy for you to understand and learn from. This allows you to lead the best possible life you can (no matter how old you are!). Many on the program say "once you START you just don't want to go back". Yes, scientific evidence suggests you're more likely to live longer on START. As with any new lifestyle adoption, prior to STARTing anything new, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor, should you be on any sort of clinical medication or a particular program of your own.
On the START Wellness program you should FEEL results in a just 7 days. Some experience this within the first 48 hours itself. As human physiology differs from individual to individual we safely give it 7 days for you to FEEL real results. Be on START for 30 days, you should SEE changes completely for the better. All you have to do is START!
We recommend the following consult your doctor first before getting on START: Pregnant women | Children under the age of 13 | People who have hormonal imbalances | People on heavy medication | Please who suffer from eating and weight disorders | People who have certain health and physical abnormalities.