Intermittent fasting and water program benefits for athletes


Since athletes must train for several hours virtually every day, it is essential to delve into how the START Wellness app intermittent fasting and water program can be hugely beneficial to them.

While many athletes run on a strict calorie limitation program, through the START Wellness app intermittent fasting program, athletes can still exercise while on their diet. Researchers have found that intermittent fasting is immensely beneficial for athletes looking to losing fat, especially endurance athletes who compete in sports such as track and field, swimming or cycling. Your START Wellness app Intermittent fasting and water program can be useful for improving body composition in athletes. To achieve this, while maintaining peak performance, athletes must consume more protein in their diet.

Here are 11 START Wellness app intermittent fasting tips for athletes:

1) Use limited eating windows over all-day fasts

Through the START Wellness app intermittent fasting and water program, athletes who wish to maintain strength and performance while reducing body weight will be more successful by adopting START’s 16:8 program which is not eating for 16 hours (also known as the fasting window), exercise, and then break their fast. From there you have 8 hours (also known as the eating window) to consume all your meals or daily calorie intake. The START Wellness app intermittent fasting program will give you a reasonable, near-pure fat-burning block with enough of a food window to get the right amount of calories you need to grow and maintain muscle and recover from your workouts.

2) A small amount of protein before training can help.

Should you choose to exercise outside of your fasting window, i.e. within your eating window, having some protein (20 grams of isolated whey or maybe 10 grams of branched-chain amino acid) can help if fasting workouts are proving too stringent.

3) Athletes should walk on an empty stomach in the morning

By the help of the START Wellness app intermittent fasting and water program, as an athlete, you should have a block of time in the morning before eating something. That’s when fat burning will be at its peak, and walking on an empty stomach is an excellent way to improve it.

4) Light cardio after a fasted weightlifting session

A weightlifting session will cause free fatty acids to be released from the fatty tissue, especially if you are fasting. Doing some very light cardio after weights should, in theory, help you utilize all of the mobilized fat tissue. Take a 20-minute walk, ten-minute bike ride or something similar.

5) “Train Fasted, Race Fed.”

Fasting and training “forces” the athlete to burn stored fat because, well, there are not many carbohydrates available. Furthermore, fasting necessarily increases the circulation of free fatty acids, which can burn as fuel in the body of an athlete. The trick is to train fast (if you find it helps) and compete (be it, a lifting competition, CrossFit games, a basketball game etc.) in an energised state.

6) Most of the time, break your fast immediately after training

It is recommended to train within the last 4 hours of your fasting window when autophagy is at its maximum and break your fast immediately after to reap the START app program’s maximum benefits. 

7) From time to time, continue fasting after a workout.

This will normalize inflammation, increase growth hormone, and positively regulate autophagy, providing you with all the cofactors you need to rest and recover.  The tissues will heal; the joints will recover.

8) If you are having joint problems (or want to avoid them), take collagen or drink bone broth before a fasted workout.

Fifteen grams of collagen before training with some little hundred portions of vitamin C by the help of START Wellnessapp intermittent fasting program has been revealed to improve collagen synthesis in connective tissue, and collagen should not get you out of your fasted state.

9) Going extra is not the best

I see this most times, especially with endurance athletes who practice intermittent fasting, they start to break their fast at the stipulated 16 hours and see their performance increase, and their body fat decrease. They feel very light on their feet, faster, just better everywhere. So they think, if they break their fast later, results will improve. In light of the same, they start to skip their first meal too (which is vital) and invariably their performance falls off a cliff. When you try to use intermittent fasting to improve your athletic performance, especially on your START Wellness app program, remember less is more when it comes to result. Trust the program. The science is sound. The results profound!

10) For your START Wellness app Intermittent fasting program to function correctly, athletes must realize that exercise and fasting are additive.

It takes 12-16 hours without eating, for the average athlete to reap the benefits of your START Wellness app intermittent fasting program. A non-athlete may not release body fat through training. A non-athlete may also not enter ketosis through physical activity. Once an athlete begins to cultivate the habit of fasting regularly, it will take more than discipline to stop. That’s the power of the START Wellness app. It inculcates good habits leading to an addictive lifestyle of constantly being the best you can be.

11) Athletes should consider sleeping soundly

Through the START Wellness app intermittent fasting program, athletes should know that sleeping is a paramount part of the regenerative process for old waste cells in the body to be replaced by new ones and the body heals itself and grows its muscles for optimum performance.

Intermittent fasting program caution for athletes.

Although there are innumerous benefits of intermittent fasting for athletes, athletes must exercise caution when following the START Wellness app intermittent fasting program, especially if they are following a low-calorie restrictive diet plan. Not eating before high-intensity exercise like sprinting and weight training will likely decrease exercise performance and affect competitive performance, especially where dieters cut out carbohydrate-rich foods to reduce their calorie consumption. The reason is that carbohydrates are an essential component of an athlete’s diet because they are used as energy to be burned during exercise and competitive performance.

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