Detoxification often extract contaminants through your body



During body detoxification, your START Wellness app, through intermittent fasting, will often extract contaminants through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and skin.

Detoxification literally involves washing the blood. This is accomplished by eliminating impurities from the blood in the liver, where contaminants are processed for elimination.

During your intermittent fasting program, your START Wellness app will assist in the cleansing phase of the body through:

  • Resting the organs
  • Stimulating the liver to eliminate the body’s toxins
  • Promoting disposal by the bowels, kidneys, and skin
  • Improvement of blood circulation; and refueling of good nutrients for the body.

The safest way to cleanse your liver

Detoxification works because it addresses the needs of individual cells, the smallest units of human life.

The safest approach to cleanse the liver is not to take special “liver cleanse” tablets, perform an Epsom salt/olive oil wash, or take laxatives or enemas. The easiest way to cleanse the liver is by causing it to deplete its glycogen storage literally for a fleeting amount of time by engaging in intermittent fasting and adopting the START Wellness app’s effective water program.

Detoxification – The benefits to your organs

On your START Wellness app, for 14-16 hours we allow the digestive system to relax without the incessant consumption of food throughout the day. Through minimizing the burden on the digestive organs, healing and rebuilding the intestines, thyroid, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and also the kidneys, you eliminate existing contaminants, and clean up the flowing blood and lymph. This leads to an effect detoxification process of the entire system.

Relieving the pressure on your digestive system

A whole bunch of nutrition is extracted from the body by the breaking down of food. The energy usually used on the digestive phase is now freed up and can be expended on improving fitness and wellbeing and sharpening the mind’s functions.

Propelling immune cell generation

The research by revered Dr. Longo indicates that extended fasting could also be beneficial for immune cell regeneration.

“The system tries to save energy when you starve, and one of the things it can do to save energy is to recycle a lot of the immune cells that are not required, particularly those that may be damaged,” explains Dr. Longo.

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Optimizing your energy

Your liver can store between 250 – 500 calories in the form of glycogen, depending on your body size, to be used after all of the food calories have been burnt up. Depending on the body size, the muscles will store 800 – 2000 calories as glycogen, too. In your liver and muscles, these glycogen reserves will need to be used for energy before your body begins mobilizing accumulated fat for energy.

By comfortably offering the body a break of 14-16 hours from digestion and enabling your liver and muscles to cleanse and detoxify themselves on their own, engaging in intermittent fasting will have tremendous anti-aging advantages, higher energy levels, enhanced sleep quality, and improved athletic results.

Get pH balanced, the right way

Your body also has an acid-alkaline balance; it is about 20 percent acidic and 80 percent alkaline, so it is advised that we ingest about 20 percent acidic and 80 percent alkaline foods.

Unfortunately, so many acidic foods and not enough alkaline foods are eaten by most people, which essentially puts the body out of balance. Getting stressed up can also alter the body’s pH levels, raising body acidity more.

A successful first step in regaining the pH equilibrium in the body is by continuing reading this post and all other contents on this blog. The fact that you keep away from eating helps your body to cleanse (that was a good plug don’t you think! Ha ha!)

We all require a good internal house cleaning!

There are a number of ways towards detoxification that involves costly or complicated medical programs, but the best way of all is by adopting the START Wellness app intermittent fasting and water program. The body moves its attention away from digestion and focuses resources on maintaining body balance by detoxification and removing other waste when you avoid consuming solid food for a day or two and consume only water or juice. The body knows what it needs and what it doesn’t, when left to its own devices, and works hard to get rid of the bad things given a chance.

Fasting is the body’s way of house cleaning. It is a rest and regeneration cycle comparable to sleeping in many respects.

Burn fat, not sugar

Normally, glucose, which is a form of sugar taken from the food we eat, gives the body energy. Either we get this directly from food or it will be stored in a form called glycogen by the liver.

When you begin to fast, aka, not eat for 14-16 hours, this sugar gets used up on the first day. The body shifts its type of glucose fuel supply from food to fat from your fat reserves if you continue to fast past the first day. This is called ketosis.

For extended long term fasting (24-72 hours with only water and no food), there is still not enough glucose from fat during this two to three day conversion, so the body also breaks down a small amount of amino acids from your muscles.

On the second and third days of a long-drawn fast, this conversion of muscles into glucose is called catabolizing and is at its greatest. The body runs almost exclusively on body fat by the end of the third day of a fast, with only a reduced amount of muscle being eaten.

Note: Intensive fasting for 24-72 hours is not recommended without supervision and is not advised on the START Wellness app program without prior experience.

Absorbing calories from non-vital outlets

Most of us have more body fat than is ideal for us, so it is safe to use up some during a fast, but the real advantage of being on the START Wellness app is that the body can look for and absorb calories from discarded or non-vital outlets. Naturally, the body may seek to retain muscle mass and will much prefer utilize non-vital stuff in your body. Toxins, cancers, waste products and several other illnesses or degenerative disorders that can be transformed into fuel could be included.

Through adopting START Wellness app’s lifestyle, a whole variety of medical problems can be potentially healed or alleviated and will lead your body and mind into a long-term sustainable detoxification process.

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