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One of the main reasons why people do intermittent fasting is to achieve weight loss. Losing weight usually means loss of both fat mass and muscle mass. Your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program helps you to lose fat mass, but helps you not to lose muscle through increased growth hormone.

The first thing people do when they want to lose weight is they cut down on calories. This type of diet is a continuous struggle with hunger, a temporary success, and a big regression. You do not lose muscle mass on your 16:8 START Wellness intermittent fasting program where you don’t eat for 16 hours and then consume your daily calorie intake in a span of 8 hours. What you lose is the carbohydrates stored in your muscle, so you feel like you lose muscle; but you actually are losing intercellular water.

The timeline to lose muscle typically starts after 72 hours of fasting.

As long as within your eating window of 8 hours, your intake of protein is at least 1.6 grams/kg of body weight per day, you will not lose muscle on your START Wellness program. The key on START, is to make sure you consume your full daily calorie requirements within those 8 hours with adequate protein, just as you would do if you were eating normally. It is during the fasting window of 16 hours where your insulin levels drop dramatically propelling autography in the body, leading to profound scientific long-term benefits.

Intermittent fasting triggers Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) increases muscle preservation, retention of muscle, and muscle building. In a usual diet, you have two spikes of Human Growth Hormone, one in the morning and a huge one at night. When you fast for 16 hours on your START Wellness program, you get continuous spikes. This means that your body is more efficient in burning fat and helping you not to lose muscle mass. If you’re highly experienced with intermittent fasting, then fasting for 24 hours continuously can increase growth hormone by 2-3X, studies have revealed. However, before fasting for longer periods, we recommend consulting your doctor. Fasting for 16 hours, as on your START Wellness program, is easy and completely safe.

Growth Hormone

While fasting on your START Wellness program, insulin drops and counter-regulatory hormones increase. Insulin pushes the body towards storage of glucose and body fat. Counter regulatory hormones push the body toward burning of glucose and body fat. These counter-regulatory hormones activate the sympathetic nervous system. They are:

  1. Glucagon
  2. Adrenaline
  3. Noradrenaline
  4. Cortisol
  5. Growth Hormone

The sympathetic nervous system controls the ‘fight or flight’ response. Due to the energizing effect of these counter-regulatory hormones, the body gets ready for action. While fasting on your START Wellness program, the body starts to switch fuel sources from food to body fat. During this time growth hormone increases, but insulin lowers dramatically, so no proteins are being synthesized. Although Human Growth Hormone levels are high, little to no growth is actually happening.

When you break your fast, on START Wellness, growth hormone is high, insulin is high so it synthesizes protein. The body has now has high insulin, high growth hormone, amino acids, and glucose for energy. So, it rebuilds all the necessary proteins to replace those that were broken down. This is actually an anti-aging process.

Alzheimer’s’ disease is characterized by the excessive accumulation of protein in the brain that blocks proper signaling. Cancer is the excessive growth of many types of proteins.

Most times we eat protein in the form of animal muscle. Your stomach, liver, small intestine, and enzymes digest it and break it down into small particle blocks called aminoacids.  These blocks then rebuild proteins of your body. The whole conversion of breaking down the proteins and building them back up require these 3 categories of nutrients:

  1. Potassium
  2. Trace minerals
  3. Vitamin A, D, E, K, B, C.

The purpose of these minerals and vitamins is to convert the raw material amino acids into body tissue or the fatty acids into healthy tissue.

So, in order to build more muscle, we need more nutrients.

The first two nutrients that are most required are potassium and trace minerals. We need an average of 4700 milligrams of potassium a day and there not a lot of people that consume enough vegetables per day. We need trace minerals because it’s missing from our soil. So, if you do not get these trace minerals, it’s hard to activate certain key enzymes. Usually, people get all their necessary vitamins from food. A balanced diet should provide you with all of those essential minerals.

On START Wellness, insulin resistance reduces by half, if not more

The normal protein goes into the cell with the help of insulin. Insulin resistance is the condition in which your cell no longer allows insulin into the cell because there is too much sugar in the diet. The body shuts it down because it is toxic. So you get less protein in the cell, less muscle protein, less collagen, joint and tissue. Your START Wellness intermittent fasting program reduces reduces insulin resistance by up to 50%, if not more..

On START Wellness, production of testosterone increases

Myostatin is a protein that limits the production of muscle. Humans have a high level of myostatin, which stops your body from producing muscle uncontrolled. An experiment showed that people who were exposed to low levels of testosterone experienced a massive decrease in myostatin level. Your START Wellness program increases testosterone production in your body, which makes myostatin decrease so, in effect, you’re able to build more muscle.

Weight training builds muscle mass

If you exercise, you break down tissues and you start building them back up. In order to help you not lose muscle, when you are losing weight, it is encouraged you include weight training sessions.

Weight Training

In a study, 34 men who were very experienced with weight training were split into two groups: a time-restricted eating group (like that of START Wellness) and a normal diet group. Each group got the same amount of calories and the same amount of protein each day. By the end of the study, neither group did lose muscle mass or strength. However, the time-restricted group lost 1.6 kg of fat, while there was no change in the normal diet group.

So, exercise is highly recommended for maintaining muscle during your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program. Ideally, exercise should be carried out in your fasted state. Ideally, it should be done in the ending part of fasting to burn the most fat, and because you want to eat after your exercise session, in order to gain the most muscle, making it a double win!


In order to preserve and build muscle during your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program here are some directives:

  • Eat your full daily calorie intake in the 8 hour eating window
  • Carry out weight training sessions that help build muscle more efficiently
    Get a good night’s sleep during the START program as during sleep, Human Growth Hormone explodes.
  • Stress and sleep deprivation increases cortisol in the body which breaks down the muscle into particles. Cortisol basically converts protein to sugar. So lack of sleep may lead to muscle loss.

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