Achieve healthy skin with intermittent fasting


Healthier Skin

Through your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program you will achieve healthy skin making you look years younger.​

Younger and healthy skin is what most people desire but most don’t have the opportunity to devote themselves to proper skin care. A quick fix could be a diet adjustment where, if one or two foods are cut and substituted with healthier alternatives, the results could prove fruitful in the short-term. Exercise is proven to be a must for healthy skin, and when a proper routine is in operation, the long-term benefits could prove beneficial.

However there is a better alternative that works at a cellular level: The START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program.

Your START Wellness intermittent fasting program operates on the 16:8 basis where you don’t eat for 16 hours (also known as the ‘fasting window’) and then consume all your meals or calories in an 8-hour window (also known as the ‘eating window’).

Through not eating for several hours, the body improves its own metabolic rate, which also contributes to healthy skin, according to a recent report. In addition, research also suggests strong anti-aging long-term benefits.

Some research also shows that consuming foods high in fiber results in more vibrant, younger looking and healthy skin.

Water plays a key role and moisturizes the skin from the inside out. Thus to maintain healthy skin and you looking several years younger, your START Wellness water program focuses on you consuming adequate amounts of water through the day. Water also had in isolation has far more benefits than having it to merely flush down things you eat.

Cutting fats and sugars will prevent the skin from attaching blemishes and pimples leading to younger looking healthy skin.

There’s no doubt that a face that’s fresh and radiant makes you look more stunning. The START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program, through its benefits of helping you achieving deeper sleep, optimal hydration and performing your intermittent fasting regimen the right way, will greatly help smooth away the wrinkles of your eyes, allowing you to look more youthful relative to the actual age your skin.

Increased exposure to nutrient partitioning provides a better opportunity to increase muscle without weight gain, making you appear younger.

There are a number of key explanations that through intermittent fasting you achieve healthier looking skin and appear years younger:

Growth Hormone

Human growth hormone development is enhanced through the START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program. This in turn drives the volume of development of collagen upwards, which preserves one’s youthful appearance through healthy skin.


Your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program propels Autophagy. In simple words, autophagy is the self-repair of the cells of the body, thereby producing healthy cells that resist the emergence of ageing.

Blood Sugar

Your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program can control levels of blood glucose: it is unquestionably necessary to regulate your blood sugar, from your general attitude to the mood of your skin. It may cause dry skin and even harm when it’s too high. The protein in our bodies that offers skin fullness and a youthful bounce is collagen. Over time, poor sugars turn into AGEs for glycation.


Your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program reduces inflammation: It’s not just a cliché to claim that we’re creatures of habit. Your body, partially due to circadian cycles, functions on a timetable. Basically, it’s what naturally signals the body it’s time to go to bed and wake up when it’s morning. Over time your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program will place your food consumption on a timetable that aligns best with your circadian cycles and help your body more easily control inflammation.


Your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program makes you consume lots of water. As clear as it is, people just don’t drink enough water. Your skin is one of the last organs to be properly hydrated, and because your skin is the biggest organ of the body, so it requires a lot of water to reach a sufficient degree of hydration.

Hyaluronic Acid

The hyaluronic acid in the dermis layer of the skin is one of the main locations where water is contained under the skin. Hyaluronic acid can retain its own weight in water a thousand times, adding strength and density to the skin tissue. That is why maintaining hyaluronic acid with natural substances such as Phytessence Wakame, which is a type of sea kelp eaten raw in Japan due to its known health benefits, is significant.

The hypothesis of how your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program functions in the treatment of bad skin health is:

The brain can regenerate rapidly and remain safe while intermittent fasting. Blood sugar reduction and decreased inflammation improve the chemicals in your brain that will increase focus and keep you concentrated. As well as helping the brain, disorders such as Alzheimer’s that damage the brain are avoided. Your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program may help to prolong this degenerative disease’s onset.

Our body starves for an extended amount of time while fasting, which contributes to metabolic improvements. Our body absorbs nutrition from the food we consume and our body banks on the accumulated fats to derive glucose (energy) in the absence of that and this form is referred to as gluconeogenesis. The body absorbs glucose, such as amino acids, from non-carbohydrate sources. Another positive thing about your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program is that it contributes to higher amounts of purines and pyrimidine in the body, which raises the body’s level of antioxidants, which can boost general health and often enhances skin health.

The rise in antioxidants helps to preserve balance when the body is starving, according to a recent report. This appears to be the normal method of the body for coping with hunger. It also aims to restore the harm incurred by oxidative stress and free radicals.

In simplistic terms, your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program lets the body retain a healthy balance, which further enhances digestion and improves immunity. And the increase in antioxidant levels contributes to younger looking healthy skin and prevents the ageing of the same.

The secret to achieving younger, fresher and healthier looking skin is thus working your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program through the app’s proper defined time intervals to suit your own personal lifestyle.

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