Intermittent fasting can greatly improve your sex life

Sex Drive

By adopting the START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program, you can greatly improve your sex life.​ Don’t believe me? Here’s how!

Intermittent fasting is a lifestyle that has gained a lot of talk in recent times because of its multiple benefits, which elevates the quality of your life exponentially. Your START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program adds to those benefits and goes so much further, including bettering your sex life manyfold.

START Wellness Intermittent Fasting Cycle

Your START Wellness Intermittent fasting program cycles between not eating for 16 hours (also known as the ‘fasting window’) followed by eating all your calories in a span of 8 hours (also known as the ‘eating window’). This has profound long-term scientific benefits to your sex drive, quality of your orgasms and sex life as a whole.

Intermittent Fasting

It would do the START Wellness app injustice to summarize all of its benefits in a single post. So in this blog, I will discuss how a subtle change in your life by adopting the START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program can greatly improve your sex life. We come to know the science behind it and all the chemistry involved in our body.

Love, after all, is a contact sport!

Testosterone and GH levels

By fasting for 16 hours daily on your START Wellness program, you stimulate the production of Growth Hormone (GH) levels in your body, which means faster recovery, more strength and better metabolism. Fortunately, an increase in Growth Hormone causes the Testosterone levels in your body to also skyrocket.


Contrary to the assumption that only males require Testosterone, females too benefit from it. Proper Testosterone levels make you leaner, increase your bone strength, and increases your stamina, especially during sexual intercourse.


The increased surge of testosterone due to intermittent fasting increases the libido in men, enhancing their stamina in the bedroom.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a condition in which there is an inability to keep the erection firm or long enough for healthy sexual intercourse. When we ponder the causes of erectile dysfunction, we know that diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol top of the list. These conditions are widely expected in most demographics, which depicts that a large population is susceptible to erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction
Through research, fortunately, there’s a natural way to combat this disease. The START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program helps us battle it greatly. We get to know that the adequate fasting intervals stimulates testosterone production in the body. These high levels of testosterone hormones, once produced, are rushed towards the penile region. Once reaching the targeted organ, they help in a firm and prolonged erection. 

Elevation of Mood

A study conducted by Corby Martin and with first hand results borne from the START Wellness intermittent fasting and water program, after prolonged fasting intervals, we have found one’s desire to eat unhealthy food subsides, which in turn elevates one’s mood. You lose weight, and your bodies come in shape, which boosts one’s self-confidence. You are more comfortable in your daily life and are more confident in front of the mirror. This elevated confidence helps you perform better in bed with your partner. Self-confidence is a primary trait when it comes to having a happy and healthy sex life.

Increase in Sexual Desire

It is seen that when on the START Wellness intermittent fasting program, your blood cells don’t receive nutrients. When this phase is observed, we see that the blood rushes towards the genital region. This gush of blood towards the genitals tends to increase the sexual desire in both men and women. A study from Marwati in 2010 confirms the same.

Sexual Desire


There are also studies conducted that have revealed that adopting the intermittent fasting lifestyle of the START Wellnessprogram can help reduce the risk of impotence in males.

Female Orgasms

Stress, depression and poor physical health are factors that can greatly hinder the quality of your sex life but START helps you transition from an unhealthy lifestyle to a life of wellness keeping your body well-nourished. The Mayo Clinic found that high estrogen levels tend to reduce a woman’s ability to have an orgasm. This is due to the extra tummy fat tucked in the body. The all new START Wellness app lets you help loose that stubborn tummy fat with the aid of its intermittent fasting and water program.

Sex Drive

Regular intake of fast food, alcohol and high carb diet takes a toll on the sex drive. Once you let loose, it’s a slippery downhill slope from there. High blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular diseases are some of the evil outcomes which can be combated by the all new START Wellness app. By incorporating a pattern-based regimen in which you eat all your calories in 8 hours and then not eat for 16 hours, you may increase your sex drive dramatically.


Our sex life depends on the choices we make. The option to live a healthy lifestyle by incorporating the START Wellnessintermittent fasting and water program in your daily routine comes with many benefits. Who knew that how and what time we eat affects our performance in bed. The science is sound. The results profound!

In just 7 days you’ll FEEL the change.
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